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iPhone card reading app

Wonderfeel Runes

A simple, unique and potent tool for self-guidance.

Offering a bridge with inner knowing.

Based upon the Wonderfeel card reading set, this iPhone app
is freshly re-designed to attune us with our own deep wisdom.

First you approach with a topic, a question or a goal.

Swipe up or down to open half the egg.

Begin the symbols cycling...

Tune into the moment to touch them,
letting your intuition decide which symbol to select.

Do this again with the other half,
the two symbols are then translated into words...

And you have just created your own unique reading!

A message which may require contemplation....

Wonderfeel Oracle is designed to support:
   • self-acceptance
   • healthy relationships
   • creative expression
   • clear mind
   • feeling connection

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Download 'Wonderfeel Oracle' from iTunes:
      iTunes Australia Wonderfeel Oracle - Peter Wonderfeel
      iTunes UK Wonderfeel Oracle - Peter Wonderfeel


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