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Wonderfeel Runes

The Wonderfeel Oracle was born in 1993 as a tool for
personal empowerment and relationship healing.

The oracle needed to be able to express every important thing,
and each thing it expressed needed to be distinct from the others.

Starting with a set of 115 valuable concepts, these were
gradually distilled into the core of 26 specific concepts.

These are called the 26 Natures.
They are all qualities that each of us has built in.
And sometimes a handy reminder can nudge us
on a quality to foster...

The 26 Natures are represented as 26 Wonderfeel Runes.

So the Wonderfeel Oracle is approached with a question or goal,
then it allows your intuition to pick the best concept for you at that time.

Basically it is a language which your subconscious can speak.
So your conscious mind can welcome in the new quality.

Below are three ways to access the Oracle.
In each you create a message by combingin two Natures.
One concept is shaped by another.

The answers you generate are formed in just two words.

Enjoy the contemplation!!

iPhone Oracle Reading App

iPhone app
Wonderfeel Oracle for iPhone brings a deep
intuitive connection with your inner wisdom

Free Online Web Oracle
Web Oracle
A free online reading where you create
a unique two-word message (uses Flash)

Wonderfeel Card Reading Deck

Card Reading Set
Cool little physical card set 'Chiasma Cards'
create your own guidance by connecting cards


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